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CAMEO - El Passo (Official Fan Music Video)

When Larry Blackmon and CAMEO dropped their first new single in 19 years, CAMEO Nation stepped up! CAMEO Lifer Marcello Mottola organized dedicated CAMEO fans from around the world to produce this excellent fan music video. Team CAMEO endorses this effort and is proud to share it with you.

Video Credits:

Marcello Mottola - CAMEO Lifer

Mike & Katie Smith, Mervin Ray Harris, Neville Ebanks, Gloria Rice, Douglas Morgan, Michael Rossiytsev, Chris Hastings, Scott Bell, Matt Jivin, Erica Enders, Paul O’Brien, Hugh Hardage, Jacqueline Hardy, Tivi Faagalulu, Jennifer Tennyson, Gina Christopher, Christie Erskine Weeda, Tina Corsi-Mejia, Tammera Wilson, Cindy & Jim Spiry, Dan Lee, Wil & Toby Abadilla, Myles Abadilla, Carla Mottola, John & Vida Mottola, Paolo Mottola Sr., Paolo Mottola Jr. - CAMEO Legacy Patrons

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